Friday, May 27, 2005

Every strategy counts

I had pulled off the following post, "Setting free the ants", yesterday because I got a sense, from a comment, that such 'sentimentalising' might actually harm the animal rights movement.

Erm: I've thought about it, and I don't see either how it's 'sentimentalising', or how it could harm the effort. It's an honest post. If it's emotional, it's because my decision isn't coldblooded and unsentimental: it's driven as much by what I feel about animals as by what I think about equality and rights. I think every strategy counts, every effort is important, whether it's about wildlife or vegetarianism.

So I've put the post back.


Blogger Alok said...

I had no intention to hurt any sentiments and I am sorry if I did anything like that. I just wanted to say that if the aim of the public forum like this is to enlighten people about the idea of animal rights and win them over to this side of the fence (if that's the right metaphor), the sentimental, personal arguments may not be that effective.

But perhaps you are right. Yes indeed "every strategy counts". This strategy will not work with me but I don't know, may be others will feel moved and become sensitive to animal rights after reading such posts.

I personally favour the "cold-blooded", level-headed argumentation of Peter Singer, John Gray and J M Coetzee. I wish we could have some discussion like this in India:

And please keep posting!


8:02 AM  
Blogger uma said...

Hi Alok,

Not to worry - my sentiments weren't hurt at all, I was just concerned that maybe the post was self-defeating; and of course I do see your point. So, no apologies needed... The idea here is definitely to tell people about animal rights, and to get them to think about them and talk about them: but I'm not sure that I'm consciously trying to get people to, say, turn vegetarian. I still think the process is part logic, part feeling, and totally personal... which makes it hard to preach, y'know? (Hurree, you might want to add something here?)

But Singer, Gray, Coetzee are tremendous, tremendous leaders in this effort, and of course we'll bring in their thoughts and try to initiate discussions around them too.

Thanks again..

8:39 AM  

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