Thursday, May 26, 2005

Get eye surgery, get a makeover

This gorilla, the first to have had eye surgery in Europe, is so happy with her new personality that she's...had a baby.

Zoo authorities are delighted too:
"This is absolutely fantastic news for Romina, who underwent major cataract surgery three years ago, and also for the conservation breeding programme, of which we are a part.

"Before the operation she had only peripheral vision and so was very shy. Now she is much more sociable and a part of the group. She has really taken to motherhood, which is amazing because before the birth she had not even seen a baby before."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is good report; But Does a country like India do any thing for the welfare of animals? Do they spend money on modern infrastructure and modern medical facility for animals?
I have to ask this question is just because I love animals and I have a pet which has been a part of our family and is suffering from initial stage of cataract. Now can any animal lovers help me to find a cure for my pet, I live in Bangalore……………………Please help me.


5:43 AM  
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