Friday, May 27, 2005

'One Humanity Now'

I can't seem to link to this (does this work?), but here's a moving and thought-provoking post from an Animal Rights forum on Salon's Table Talk. It's by Joeman. You can find the entire forum under 'Social Issues' - it's the discussion on animal welfare.
A few years back, I was desperately torn between supporting my Makah relatives (of Neah Bay) in pursuing their ancestral whale hunts AND supporting the whale people who were slaughtered to near extinction in the past couple of centuries.

Yeah, I realize how un-PC such a stance was, but I was trying to unravel the complexities of being a "native" person with a terribly unjust history living in a pre-dominant culture that does not seem to honor anything except money and psychopathically cruel men.

I ended up writing nasty letters to Greenpeace for being arrogant white assholes who could not reckon with their own history -- after all, it wasn't the Makah who decimated the gray whale population.

But then one day, standing on the peninsular isthmus of Point Reyes, California, I looked down below at the wind swept bay below me, and I saw families of gray whales swimming free and playfully. It just struck me at how pitiful all humans are, and I was reminded of all the songs I've heard that ask the universe to take pity on humans, because without the "blessing" from the animals who we prey on, we're really helpless, naked, big-headed weaklings.

I just wept and wept, and since then, I've supported the whales' cause...


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