Monday, May 16, 2005

One of the Things that We Can Do

...when we feel strongly about animal rights abuse, is to write a letter. As Sharmishtha Dhar does in The Telegraph, where she is upset about the treatment of Asiad Appu, not just in his lifetime but even after his death - when everone in the nearby areas refused to provide space for his burial. "Is the demand for the ethical treatment of animals applicable only so long as they are alive?" she asks:
Does the principle cease to apply when they die? Not solemnizing the last rites of a dead human being in accordance with his or her religious rites would be deemed immoral. By the same logic, the refusal to offer a strip of land for the burial of Appu — the elephant who came to be identified with the mascot of the 1982 Asian Games and was the symbol of a defining moment in India’s march towards modernity — is also immoral. Though at last a kind planter has offered space for the burial, it is clear that we Indians still treat this most benevolent of animals as beasts of burden. We tame them, put them to use and junk them remorselessly when they fall ill or die of the cruelty inflicted by us.


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Please check a drama
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