Saturday, May 21, 2005

There's got to be a better way to do this

Eating fried worms to make kids reach their reading goals... is sick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some good news for animals of Jijamata Udyaan(Ranibaug) in Bombay.

Btw: I would like to know, do you mind a helping hand (links/articles...etc) from a non-veggie himself? I know I sound like a full-time hypocrite, but I do care for torture of animals, and whenever I find a hungry dog staring at me outside a bakery or a shop, I do feed em sometimes. Coz, as you mentioned earlier, everyone should be able to find his own comfort matrix. I am ok with chickens being nicely fed in poultry and treated well until they are made available for human consumption. And there is one more thing I believe, the food chain. In essence all living beings on the planet are engineered to consume other living forms and in-turn be eaten by others. Tigers eat man (ok, I know that no such jungle raj exists today, but still) Plus vegetables/plants themseleves are living beings, aren't they? Infact they can't even shriek or scowl when tortured. At the same time, I must admit, there is a constant struggle within to understand this conflicting behavior.

I know as animal rights activist, it would be difficult for you to get this - and probably you will even put this on me as being overly defensive ringleader - but many non-veggies are not some kind of heartless killers. Infact I have seen many chicken/sheep lovers who will rear them for years only to kill them honourably and consume them. Believe me, they feel shaken for some days when they do this. Personally I can never do that, the rearing part, only to kill them at the end.

Actually many of us don't find eating non-veg as disgusting(actually we find it tasty) as ill-treating them when alive. I know I can't possibly give you a rational explain this to you on a blog comment. It's just one of the complex things of life we accept to live with. I don't know if serious veggies can identify with this thought.

Plus, I can't accept Maneka Gandhi blaming me for drinking cow's milk.

I don't want to turn this into an endless debate. Just want to know the editorial stand of this blog. Is this a strictly black-n-white blog ? or any help/pointers you get from shades of grey is welcome ? You might want to write up a post on it, and keep it permanently in your sidebar, so as to allay such fears. Coz most often than not, such forums rapidly turn into a sharp Us-v/s-Them divide, and soon enough you'll see non-veggies - even if they are reading this blog - refraining from sharing their thoughts or input.

Also, I am being timid as well by posting anonymous. Not to ruffle any feathers of the good authors here. I hope you get this comment in the right spirit, in which it was written. Thanks.

10:37 AM  
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Blogger Blog World said...

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
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Blogger swati said...

I have seen many articles about differnt type of cruelty faced by the animals surrounding in papers,magazines.But till now I dont how many have been sloved.
So suggest a good idea to slove them.

3:36 AM  
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