Monday, May 30, 2005

Vishakha SPCA

Dogs have been wedged into the cage by vindictive methods...strangling their necks by a hook, which cuts down their guts and most often subjects them to the cruellest of deaths by being beaten with iron rubber rods on the forehead.
Dogs collected from different places are crammed into a small container...This three-month-old puppy could not defend against the pressure of the big dogs, and was strangled in between the grill till it died.
There were already more than twenty-three dogs crushed. One dog kept trying to rise to his feet but could not. He struggled before collapsing under the scorching sun, blood oozing out of his nose, legs and neck broken.
These are a few extracts from a report compiled on the condition of animals at Visakhapatnam rural. Says the Vishakha SPCA, the solution lies in updating animal welfare laws. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 is exhaustive but the deterrents are ridiculously inadequate: it imposes a fine of Rs 50 for any violation. VSPCA has been conducting an Animal Birth Control Programme in the Visakhapatnam Municipality limits since February 1999, in place of gruesome killings by electric current.

Visit the site of the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights to learn about a visit by their team in May 2005 to two animal shelters assisted by AVAR in the aftermath of the tsunami.
Bachman and Bannasch worked side by side with Visakha SPCA President Pradeep Nath for more than 12 hours each day to improve the medical care offered to the approximately 700 animals (dogs, cats, cattle and other species) living at the shelter... The primary accomplishments of the visit include:

Improving anesthetic protocols for all animals sterilized by the Visakha SPCA. That included revamping the injectable anesthetic protocol to allow for quicker recovery of street dogs sterilized by the Visakha SPCA. (The VSPCA plans to start mobile spay/neuter operations in area villages.) The AVAR team also supplied and trained the Visakha SPCA staff in the use of a new gas anesthesia machine.

Developing better sanitation protocols for the entire shelter and improving animal intake/animal traffic flow to improve disease control and prevention. The AVAR team also worked with the Visakha SPCA to introduce a new vaccination program that will control the spread of distemper and parvo, both a major problem in the area.

Introducing diagnostic capabilities with the use of a microscope, centrifuge, and veterinary textbooks provided to the shelter. The shelter will now be able to differentiate between skin diseases and check for problems with various parasites.

Improving surgical aseptic techniques, including providing the shelter with a new autoclave.

Helping provide better surgical aftercare for the animals, including purchasing pads that the dogs can recover on, as opposed to lying on the cement floors after surgery.


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