Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Let's Share the Planet - Please

I've never understood why, for a country where the so-called majority religion
professes to worship the cow, we're so cruel to the rest of our
animals. Every morning, we emerge religiously from the temple and
stick a bunch of grass in front of a dewy-eyed animal, toss a couple
of coins at the woman who owns the cow and move on. If we're in a bad
mood, we pretend to pick up a stone to throw at the stray dog that
walks beside us. If we're in a really bad mood, we throw the stone, or
kick the animal. For the starving kitten on the roadside, of course,
we have no time at all.

Sitting in our cars at the traffic signal, we honk so hard when the
light changes that the tangawalla in front of us whips his poor pony
out of its wits. When the poor animal gets too old and is tied to a
pole on the seashore and left to die, we wonder briefly whether to
ring the SPCA, then decide that it's too much trouble to look for the
number. If the animal falls on the road, we wait impatiently for the
corpse to be lugged to the pavement and out of our sight.

In a country where grandfathers have raped their five-year old
grand-daughters, we want to shoot stray dogs - simply because they
exist. We won't fund shelters, we won't help to sterilise them, we
won't volunteer to clean out their kennels - heck, we won't even buy a
t-shirt to support voluntary animal welfare efforts - but we want to
shoot stray dogs.

And we teach our children all this too. We take them to the circus and
clap when the bears are led in. We watch from a distance and laugh
when the monkey-man makes his monkey perform on the street. We take
our kids to the zoo and show them how to throw pebbles at the chimps
and make annoying sounds at the big cats. Oh, and if, being children,
they want to play with someone's pet dog, even a puppy, we
hyperventilate neurotically and make them wash their hands about
twenty-five times. And if our children, being better people than us,
insist on having a puppy as a pet, we finally give in to their
demands: but when we realize that puppies need care, too, we decide
that it's all too much of a pain and we throw the little creature out
of a moving car. Instead of teaching our children to share the planet,
we teach them to fear animals and hate them. Life, we teach them, is
really all ha ha hee hee: cricket, movies, and nabobbing. And when
we're too old for all that? Then we go on picnics to the forest and
shoot the deer.



Blogger JUGGY said...

hi umi. nice stuff.. carry on. by your thinking you look old enough... would u reflect ur age ?

5:52 AM  
Blogger -സു‍-|Sunil said...

Uma, little big comment, Sorry for that

Elephants of Kerala :

The state of Kerala, in S.India is called the elephant state. Not
because of the numbers of captive elephants ( which is approx between
600 ? 1000), but for the the long standing tradition and expertise in
maintaining elephants in captivity.

Everything about elephants is big. Big size, big appetite, big
memory. And big problems. They need caring in a big way. Partly
because of their impressive size. and also because they are highly
social animals in the wild, they have problems adjusting to

In the past, elephants were considered symbols of prosperity and
power and treated with much respect and care by the kings and the
lords who owned them. Over the years, the socio-politico-economical
dynamics of Kerala has greatly affected the quality of elephant
keeping and consequently the welfare of the elephants has been
sacrificed for expediency and economy. Well-documented procedures for
their upkeep, tried and tested over the centuries, are being largely
ignored because they are expensive and require a lot of time and
patience. Ironically, some old practices that are still followed do
more harm to the elephants.

Most of these elephants being past their prime working age, are
overworked, and in the absence of sufficient nutrition and medical
care, their physical condition has deteriorated severely. Shortages
of water, food, trained mahouts and lack of appropriate employment
have adversely affected the quality of life of the domestic elephant.
Mishandling and neglect by untrained mahouts have also led to
increased abuse of the elephant, resulting in physical mutilation and
even mortality of elephants.

The psychological condition of such elephants is also severely
affected. Several of them turn "rogues" or develop behavioural
abnormalities or "stereotypy's." Eventually they cease to be
productive and economically unviable, on account of poor temperament
and ill health. Though such elephants are not abandoned in the
literal sense, as destitute, they suffer an equally despicable fate
by being shunted from one inconsiderate owner to another with
frequent changes of mahouts, until their death. Although there are
adequate laws that legally protect the "rights" of captive elephants,
due to several reasons, they are seldom enforced.

So, What is the future of the domestic elephant? Will they have a
better tomorrow? With better living conditions and chances of
economic survival. Will there be enough work? Enough food and water?
Will there be good mahouts? What is the future of the domestic
elephant? Will they have a better tomorrow? With better living
conditions and chances of economic survival. Will there be enough
work? Enough food and water? Will there be good mahouts? These are
some hard questions that the `Elephant Care Centre' is trying to find
answers to.

The Elephant Care Centre : ECC came into existence in April 2005,
with the objective of caring for and rehabilitating domestic
elephants that are physically and psychologically incapacitated to
work. It was founded by Nibha Namboodiri , who has been campaigning
for captive elephant welfare for the last 8 years. She is also
supported by others who share similiar concerns. The center, being at
its primary stage of inception and due to scarcity of funds and
resources, has decided to start its rehabilitation programme with one
elephant. Some of the major activities of ECC are, retraining rogue
elephants under the guidance of expert mahouts, Sheltering terminally
ill or elephants with incurable physical conditions, Developing
alternative (elephant friendly) employment sources ,Development of
alternative low cost food resources and Awareness building.

Location and Elephant facilities at ECC
ECC is located in the village of Naduvattom, in the Malppuram
district of Kerala, in a 3-acre property with a small natural pond.
There is also a river about 10 minutes away from the center. With
greater availability of funds, the center plans to re-locate to
another site, where it can build an open enclosure for elephants to
set them off chains for a few hours everyday.

The greatest challenge that the ECC has been facing, right from its
inception is, in making elephant owners recognise the need for such
an elephant rehabiliation programme. Most of the owners do not wish
to donate their elephant to ECC as they would rather sell their
unviable elephant to some gullible buyer. There is also a serious
situation where elephant owners insure elephants of low-productivity,
for large sums ( with the support of insurance company officials),
under the pretext of an ailment and "dispose" it to claim insurance
as well as ivory. Such cases are very difficult to prove because the
owners maintain perfect records, which cannot be challenged at
court. However, a beacon of hope remains, as there are also owners
who genuinely care about their elephants and wish to improve its
condition with the ECC's support.

ECC is also trying to liase with the various elephant fan clubs of
Kerala. There is a huge interest in elephants among Kerala's general
public, (similar to the interest in cars or sports, in the
West).These elephant lovers, attend every elephant festival of Kerala
and are privy to a lot of information regarding elephants, ranging
from their height, their likes and dislikes, their habits and even
upto their purchase price. Sadly such groups give undue importance to
the aesthetics of the elephants. For instance, height and certain
other physical traits, are seen as a much desired quality in an
elephant. So they pamper such celebrity elephants and their mahouts
by organizing special events to honour them. The mahouts are given
cash awards and medals and the elephant is given food treats and a
red-carpet. But it is strange that while the beauty and qualities of
the elephant are discussed with great animation, the wounds and sores
on its body and the psychological trauma from undue stress and
overwork, is totally ignored.

These groups also have a lot of sway on the owners and mahouts and
the general politics of elephant mangement. ECC is currently trying
to liase with such groups and generate awareness in them about the
need to emphasise on the welfare, instead of the aesthetics. Though
many of them have realized the need to change, it will be a long
while before elephants will be treated as sentient beings with their
own needs, and accorded a proper place in captivity. What is not in
question is the presence of captive elephants. As long as there are
elephants, we will find some in our midst. The answer lies in finding
ways to help them adjust to life in captivity and to help them lead
as normal a life as possible.

Current activities of ECC:

1. Karnan ? ECC's first elephant
Karnan is a 25 year old tusker belonging to a temple in the Trichur
District of Kerala. As a baby he was purchased from the Forest
Department by a religious institution to attend the Pujas ( sacred
rites) of the institution. Later when he grew older and bigger his
old mahouts could not manage him anymore and Karnan was handed to its
present owner for better care. Due to ill treatment and neglect,
Karnan's forelegs have become deformed. A dental condition ( which
is very complicated to treat) prevents him from eating fodder.
Consequently his physical condition is very poor and he is also
malnutritioned. His poor health keeps him from attending festivals or
doing any sort of work. His owners have donated him to our center as
they cannot afford its maintenance. At the centre, Karnan is
currently being treated by the renowned Ayurvedic elephant physician,
Shri Avanapparambu Maheshwaran Namboodiri, for his foot condition and
general helath. Karnan's diet consists of palm leaf, grass etc. He's
also being given supplementary diet of rice balls and rice gruel, to
boost his health. Karnan is taken to the river once a day for a
drink and wash. The walk to and from the river gives him a good
exercise. Karnan has 2 mahouts and both of them are highly dedicated,
expert mahouts, trained in the traditional style.

2. Elephant SOS list: ECC' is compiling a list of elephants in need
of immediate attention. The welfare issues of each elephant on the
list are not the same and need to be addressed separately.

3. ECC and Eco ? Tourism: Sustaining elephants in captivity is a very
expensive affair. It may not always be possible to rely on charity
and donations. To make ECC self sustaining, and also in order to
provide alternate employment avenues, for economically unviable
elephants, we wish to experiment on associating elephants with eco-
tourism projects. Special elephant friendly tourism packages will be
designed in a manner that are not stressful and that is suited to the
temperament and physical condition of the elephants. The revenue
generated shall be used to sustain ECC `s elephants and to generate a
corpus fund for future elephant rehabilitation programmes.

We have designed 2 programmes "Meet Karnan" and "A day with the
elephant", in order to raise funds for his maintenance and for
developing a corpus fund for the center.

4. ECC's elephant adoption programmes: ECC has identified several
elephants in Kerala, in need of immediate help and attention. We have
designed an adoption programme for such elephants for their
sustenance. Each of these elephants can be adopted by a group of
people who can pay for its monthly sustenance. In return, if you wish
to visit Kerala on a holiday, we promise free lodging at Kodeeri
farm, where ECC is located, and a guided tour to the nearby locales.

Adoption process: Each elephant will be adopted by a group of 10
members, where each member will be paying 40 pounds/month towards the
expenses of the elephant.

Mode of payment: Payment can be made either by electronic transfer to
the account number 6045, State Bank of Travancore, Cherpulassery,. Or
by D.D. or cheques ( in favour of Nibha Namboodiri ).

5. Buy and Save an elephant:
This programme is to rescue elephants which are being abused and
whose owners are not willing to work with ECC. The only recourse left
is to buy such elephants. ECC is looking out for persons or groups of
persons and institutions who may wish to buy such elephants and hand
over their custodianship to ECC.

Currently we are trying to stall the sale of an elephant Induchoodan,
belonging to a temple in S. Kerala. Due to a certain foot condition,
which keeps him from walking long distances, he has become a
financial burden to his owners. They are trying to sell him off to
another owner who may not give him appropriate care and the
elephant's condition can further degenerate. ECC has requested the
owner to delay the sale by a year, within which period it hopes to
find a buyer or a group of buyers, who can hand over its custody to

ECC ? Memberships: Ecc also provides membership to those interested.

For Indians

Type Monthly(Rs) Annual (Rs)
Individual 100 1000
Institution 250 2500

For NRIs and non Indians:

Type Monthly ($) Annual ($)
Individual 10 500
Institution 100 1000

The message :
What is not in question is the presence of domestic elephants. As
long as there are elephants, we will find some in our midst. The
answer lies in finding ways to help them adjust to life in captivity.
And to lead as normal a life as possible.

Elephants are intelligent, extremely sensitive and caring. They can
develop deep bonds of affection and never forget an act of kindness.
Their problems may be big but we can overcome them by working

Turn your concern into action.
Join us now, in making tomorrow a better day for elephants.

Address for communication:
Elephant Care Centre, C/O Kodeeri Mana
Naduvattom P.O., Kuttippuram via, Malappuram Dist.
Kerala , INDIA, Pin: 679 502
e-mail : kodeeri@...,
Phone ? +91 - 0494 - 2604578

Eco- Tourism Packages

Programme- I, Meet Karnan

"Meet Karnan" is a 2 hour educational programme designed to educate
visitors, about domestic elephants and their problems. It also
provides opportunity for hands on contact with elephants by feeding
and touching them. Elephants are sociable animals and according to
elephant behaviour experts, they enjoy contact with human beings
under stress free atmosphere. We wish to make our programme enjoyable
to both the elephant and the visitor.

10:30 AM Arrive at the center
11-11:30 AM Observe elephant feeding and brief talk on
Center, elephant biology, behaviour
and some
elephant legends by Nibha
Namboodiri, Founder ECC.
11:30-12:00 AM Mahout demonstration on foot and verbal
mounting, dismounting etc.
12:30AM-1:00PM Interaction with elephant. (Touching and
1:00PM Lunch
2:00 PM Guests leave ECC

Lunch can be provided on prior request for a group of 10 members

Programme-II Day with elephant

This is a 2 day programme, which enables the visitor to spend
quality time with elephants. They are provided with the opportunity
to get to know the elephant at close quarters. Visitors can
participate in the daily elephant activities like washing, feeding,
etc. along with its mahouts. Visitors will be provided accommodation
and food within the center. Details about rooms and other facilities
are provided in the KNC brochure.

4:00- 5:30PM Observe elephant feeding , elephant wash and
brief talk
on the Center, elephant biology,
behaviour and some
elephant legends by Nibha
Namboodiri, Founder ECC.
5:30-6:30 PM Explore the farm and village, on elephant
6:30 ? 8:00 PM Explore Kodeeri house
8:00 PM Dinner

5:30 AM Brushing the elephant
6:00 AM Ride with elephant to the river for drink
and wash
( 20 minute walk to the river)
10:00 AM Back at the center for breakfast
10:30 AM Guests leave ECC

While at ECC :

1. Since ECC is located in a rural village which is
conservative and
traditional in many ways, we request the visitors to co-
operate with us ?
by wearing appropriate clothing.
2. We do not encourage alcohol or smoking within the premises,
3. Elephants have their moods and moments. They may not wish
to perform
during the demonstration. We at the center discourage
using excessive
force in making the animal to work, against its wishes. We
therefore hope
that the visitor will respect the wishes of the center if
it decides to
cancel a session on behalf of the elephant.
4. We request the visitors to adhere to the timings as delays may
the elephant's schedule.


6:15 AM  
Blogger kgroupie said...

Hey, don't be so negative.
I feel there are lots of people who care genuinely for the animals. I feel there are 2 categoriesof people who u hate. One are those who feel animals are there for our amusement and others who feel that there is 'nt enough place on earth for humans to care for the animals. The former are ok (lets face it, even animal lovers are amused by animals), the problem is with the later.

1:18 AM  
Blogger uma said...

-?????- thanks for this info about the elephant care centre. wonderful effort. could you provide the email address of the ecc, as it's not clear in your post? and is there a website? or maybe you could mail me some pictures? thanks again.

7:13 AM  
Blogger uma said...

kgroupie, i don't hate anyone. i just wish people would treat animals better, that's all. i don't see how watching a captive monkey perform on the street adds to our amusement.

7:15 AM  
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"A guy comes home from work feeling bad about what he had done there. He lays and ponders his actions for a while. A voice in his head tells him, 'it is okay, a lot of doctors have sex with their patience.' He starts to feel a little better then another voice in his head said, 'yes, but you are a veterinarian!'"
They both laughed, though he tried to keep a straight face to add to the humor. Kitty grabbed a handful of loose hay and threw it at him. He ducked and grabbed some of his own, tossing it at her. They laughed and threw hay, getting covered in it and soon she jumped on his back as he went to get more. He spun them both around and they fell to the ground in a pile of the yellow hay laughing and wrestling.
free black sex chat pinned Kitty down under him and they stopped laughing. They where breathing hard and their hearts where pounding. They looked into each other's green eyes and smiled shyly. They had just transformed into virgin lovers, touching the opposite sex for the first time. All the thoughts of being apart drifted away and they where in the moment. Nothing else existed but them, they had each other.
He bent his head down and kissed her softly on the lips. Jarod pulled his head back to make sure she wasn't going to protest and she lifted her free lolitas teenie galleries head up and kissed him back. He slid his hands under her and held her tight as they started kissing heavier, passionately and fervently. Their tongues explored, each in the other's mouth. It was unlike any kiss either of them had ever had. This was pure passion, love and trust.
Jarod moved his hands down and pulled her shirt up, moving his fingers to the front to touch her firm, round, perky tits. Her nipples where rock hard as he touched them. Her breasts where so soft and smooth. Kitty arched her back slightly and slid her own hands up his shirt, feeling his bare chest. He was hot and she could feel his heart pounding, hers was, too. Their hearts thumped away in their chests so hard – like the beating of the wild horse's hooves on the morning damp ground.
They managed to pull each others' shirts off between heavy kisses and he deftly undid her bra from the front clasp. Her tits fell out and her hard nipples stared up at him. He lay his body on top of hers slightly so she could just feel his skin on her nipples. It drove free interracial sex wild. Jarod pressed his hips against hers and pushed his hardening cock into her wet pussy through their pants.
He started to unbutton her jeans as he kissed a path from her lips to her jaw, across her collarbone and between her tits. He licked and sucked each pink nipple, nibbling at times. Then he made his way down further to her tummy and hips. When he got down there he had her pants unbuttoned and pulled halfway down her upper thigh. He kissed and bit her hip bones and looked at her light brown fur patch that lay peeking over the underwear and jeans that he was sliding off.

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