Friday, September 16, 2005

A good first step

...for animals in post 26/7 Mumbai is that the city's cattle market will soon be shifted to Palghar, outside the city.
This is being viewed as a first step toward shifting all city tabelas after the July 26 floods.

The government has asked the cattle controller to implement the order. Started in 1976 on a 3.25 acre land, the market runs 365 days a year and mostly deals with buffaloes. The market is used extensively by traders from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat. Since the market and tabelas will soon move out of the city, the community involved in the trade will also have to follow. The state government has appealed to tabela owners on various occasions to shift their tabelas to Dapchari. The land earmarked for the purpose has been lying vacant as none of the tabela owners are willing to shift.


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