Tuesday, September 20, 2005


This is such a sweet, sweet story for a grey rainy morning that I just had to share it. Electrician J.P.Mistry found a turtle struggling for life in Kane Wadi's well and, with the help of two of his friends, took it to the friendly neighbourhood vet, got the animal surgically treated - not once but twice - and helped it recuperate for weeks, first in his one-room house and then in a pool of water in his bathroom, and finally in his friend's electronics shop. And now that the stitches have healed, they have put the animal back in the water.
Once the surgery was over, Mistry took the creature back to his house. This time, though things were not as simple. "I used to fill my bathroom with water once everybody was done using it in the mornings. But my wife didn't like my messing up the house," says Mistry.

Realising that the tortoise was not welcome at his home, Mistry took the creature to Dabke's electronic shop. The tortoise spent the next three weeks at the shop.

Three weeks later, after stitches had dissolved, Shelar, Mistry and Dabke decided to release the tortoise back in to the well. It's been three days now and the tortoise seems to be absolutely well. "Earlier it could barely swim, let alone jumping around. Now it dives deep inside the well, the minute it spots a visitor," laughs Mistry.
Thanks, guys. I'm just speechless with delight and admiration.

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