Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Every dog has his laugh

Heh. If you've visited my blog more than once, you've probably realised that just as the tabloids lose no chance to put in a Mallika Sherawat picture, I lose no opportunity to slip in a dog picture. Or two, or three.

Here's a link for my dog Whisky, c/o me, that Nanoblogger Abi sent across by email today. A dog bark, it seems, is generally just a bark — but that long, loud panting sound - doglovers will know this well - has real meaning. Researchers say the long, loud pant is the sound of a dog laughing, and it has a direct impact on the behavior of other dogs.

Well, going by this criterion, Whisky has a great SOH. You know when I hear that long, loud pant most often? When I've got up to get a drink of water, or put away a book - and I return to find that a huge yellow Lab has taken over three-quarters of the bed, AND the pillow. That's when he settles in for the night with a loooong, contented sigh. Now I know why he sighs: he's laughing at me. Heh heh, he seems to be chuckling, and his butterscotch eyebrows quiver in his mirth.

My cat, on the other hand, is the quiet, baleful kind. Forever sharpening his claws and twitching his gophe.

And here's my doggie picture of the day: Rocky, sniffer dog extraordinaire who solved a crime just by staring hard at the criminal. Just look at that If-Looks-Could-Melt-You-into-Small-Puddle-of-Ice-Cream gaze: can you even conceive of a Lab staring someone down?

I can imagine what Rocky does after the guy confesses: he lets out a long, loud, satisfied sigh. He laughs. Muahahahaha.

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