Thursday, February 10, 2005

We're so happy, we could kill you

"A sword kept in the cavity of a banyan tree is brought out and used to kill an animal or bird - and so begins a unique festival of an Orissa tribe, details of which have just recently been known though officials say it has gone on for decades.
And this year at least 100 animals were slaughtered in the Pata Khanda Yatra, or sword festival, of the primitive Bonda tribe in Malkangiri district, 690 km from here."

This is supposed to appease the local deity and ensure a better harvest. We need vegetarian gods. Or more fertiliser. Or to bring the "primitive Bonda tribe" (notice how "primitive" and "tribe" go together, just like "animal-rights" and "extremist"? End of language lesson for the day, class) to the dhabas of Delhi, where they can witness 600 chickens being slaughtered in a single hour to satisfy our butter-chicken needs for the night. No sword, sorry, the civilised method uses blunt cleavers instead.