Friday, June 10, 2005

Ctrl+Alt+Delete rabies

Rachel Wright took seven years to work out this project; kind of fitting that an animal lover who wants to eradicate rabies should come from a place called Dogsthorpe :)
Rachel (31) has also set herself the ambitious target of ridding the country of rabies and creating an environment where animals are free from suffering.
The charity is being set up in Rajasthan, to provide treatment to animals in remote locations.

Rachel, of Fairchild Way, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, is delighted to finally be fulfilling years of ambition.
She said: "It has been a massive effort to get all this set up. People forget how well looked after animals are in Great Britain – in India they have virtually no vet care whatsoever.
"We are used to taking a sick pet to the vet. However, animals in India have to put up with suffering for their whole lives, and many die because they do not get the treatment they need. This causes rabies to spread across the country and this is something I want to reverse."


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