Friday, February 03, 2006


Human evil knows no limits.

What kind of scumbags would use puppies to smuggle drugs, by surgically implanting the little animals with packets of heroin?


...after a long break. Apologies: just too many other things happening. This post is just to start things going again around here. I hope I'll be more regular from now on.

Remember Happy, Go and Lucky, the three puppies in my building compound who needed oood homes?

Well, Go decided to live up to his name, and went - he was the first one to be adopted.

Happy, Lucky and their mother Bitiya were hanging around mostly in the building garden and on the pavements outside. But this was not a sustainable solution.

Unfortunately, Lucky... wasn't so lucky. He was scrawny and very weak. He didn't survive.

But Bitiya and Happy are now at Jeev Raksha, where they'll be cared for, fed and loved.