Friday, May 20, 2005

The brief lives of stool pigeons

The jail authorities in Ghazaiabad wanted a prisoner, Chandraveer, to confess to the murder of an inmate. Chandraveer is in prison for murder, but he's also a bird lover, who fed and looked after around 450 pigeons in jail.
The Hindustan Times reports: "About 100 of them were brutally killed during May 14-18 by wringing their necks and chopping off their wings to traumatise Chandraveer into confessing to the murder of another inmate Qamaruddin."
This operation was carried out over four days. I'm trying not to see the visual here: bleeding birds attempting to get away after their wings were cut off, the flock reacting with alarm as bird after bird has its neck wrung.
The authorities refused to file an FIR against jail superintendent Rajesh Kesharwani; in a situation where a convicted murderer was being pressurised to confess to the killing of another prisoner, they didn't take the death of these hapless birds seriously until People For Animals stepped in. PFA will be taking the jail authorities to court.


Blogger Amrit said...

This is the most shocking and cruellest act. Even hardened criminals develop soft corners for innocent birds and animals. These policemen were certainly not human beings. In fact, they don't even deserve to be called animals because animals don't kill without reason. They are some sick things accidentally born as life forms and they should permanently be locked up somewhere.


2:35 AM  
Blogger uma said...

sometimes you just stop and think, what's the point? this is one of those moments. how unbelievably sick. how brutal.

9:17 PM  

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