Sunday, May 15, 2005

Nomoshkar, Uma!

The blog was down over the last two months for several reasons: illness, a heavy workload, a certain degree of introspection. It became clear fairly early on that I couldn't handle the blog on my own--I'm an animal rights advocate, not an animal rights activist, and I see no reason why readers should be forced to accompany me on my journey along the learning curve. Then again, while I admire all the organisations listed on the sidebar, I don't endorse all of their viewpoints--and they certainly wouldn't endorse some of mine.

What this blog needed was a different perspective. I found that in Uma Mahadevan-Dasgupta's occasional posts on animal welfare issues on her blog, Indian Writing. As of this week, she's getting a set of keys to this place. She's a thoughtprovoking writer, an animal lover and a vegetarian who believes strongly that everyone should find their own "comfort matrix" with the complex issues surrounding animal rights today. It's great to have her on board, and I hope she'll enjoy being here.


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