Friday, May 20, 2005

More pigeon post

What happens to ostrich chicks, pigeons, pheasants and other birds illegally imported to India? They're sent to zoos, but don't look for a happy ending.
From The Hindu:
"Though the birds now have the relative spaciousness of a hastily-prepared enclosure inside the zoo hospital - they arrived at Nedumbasery tightly packed into small boxes - the zoo is still to make up its mind as to what to do with these birds. A number of pigeons and pheasants have already died; zoo officials are reluctant to reveal how many...
As it is, the zoo does not have the space in its aviary for displaying the remaining pigeons and pheasants. "As we know next to nothing about the birds' feeding habits, mating behaviour and so on, we have no idea where we can put them. We do not want to mix the wrong species and have them fighting each other," said an animal keeper.
...The fact that many of these birds have died is also worrying the zoo; officials are worried that if more birds die, they might have to do some explaining to animal rights organisations and even to the CZA."

If you're an ornithologist or bird specialist based in Thiruvanthapuram, you might want to offer your services to the zoo.


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